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Remote7 User manual

Detailed instructions for using r7server

- After successfully installing r7server The r7server app icon appears as shown in the picture.

Icon r7server

- Double-click the r7server.exe app icon to open the app (or right-click the app and select Open).

Right click

R7server main interface

R7server main interface

R7server main interface

Email Registered viewer email account.
Host name The name of the controlled machine you want to display in the Server list.
Options Supports function customization.
Start Launch r7server  Display in the Server list.
Stop Disconnect r7server  Not displayed in the Server list.

Chức năng của Help

Remote7 Server secondary feature

Remote7 Website Takes users to the Remote7 home page.
Feedback Takes users to a feedback page about the software program.
How Remote7 works Takes users to the user manual page.
About Remote7 Take users to the introduction page.

Function of Options

Function of Options

Email ID Includes 1 Primary email (main login account) and 3 Secondary emails (secondary or backup login account). Then the user only needs to log in to one of the accounts in the Email ID to see that Server in the Server list.
Relay Click on the check box to use the function. Used for devices connected via r7relay app.
Server Password Click on the check box to use the function to set a Password for the Server  When someone else connects to that Server, they must enter the correct Password to be allowed to connect.
Start auto when restart Pc The server will automatically launch when the PC is opened. Click on the check box to use the function.
Save Save settings (After saving, you must restart the app Server to use the installed functions).
Cancel Cancel option settings, return to login interface.