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Remote7 User manual

Installation instructions Raspberry

Download Setup Remote7

* Method 1

- First, you need to download the latest version of Remote7 for Raspberry via Link:

Download Remote7 Raspberry

- After successful download, open the path containing the downloaded file or select the arrow   select "Show in folder".

Select Show in folder

- Download the file as shown.

After download

* Method 2

- Open the Folder you want to contain the Setup File  Open Terminal at the Folder path  Run the command "wget"  Press Enter.

Download Remote7 Raspberry

- After successful download, the file is displayed as shown.

After download

Install Remote7

- Open Terminal at the path containing the Setup File  Run the command "tar xvf r7setup_raspberry.tar"  After successfully extracting the files as shown.

After successfully extracting

- Continue running the command "sh ./"  Enter the root password and press Enter.

Enter password root

- Displays a notification as shown, so the installation has been successful.

Install successful